Thursday, May 18, 2006

Big Brother is back

The housemates have entered the house and I can sum it up like this:

They are nutters

I don’t what BB you have in your country … here in the UK, it is all about characters – not slick, not too much game planning - mainly nutters.

Other reality shows, based on talent, Pop idol, X Factor etc – the talent pool has run out, according to guru Simon Cowell.

Big Brother? No probs, here in the UK it is never ending source of good BB people. Helluva lot of Welsh people in there …

It is on for another 13 weeks ! *Wooohooo*

And has Davina had an eye job? She looked strange *oh nooooo*

Just got one problem ... it is the sleezy fucking Carphone Warehouse that sponsor this program.

The cheques received from CW cleared my bank account this week. Never ever use these bastards!!


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