Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Pentagon 11 Sept ‘film’ sequence

I saw the realised sequence on the news today and I have to say that I am sceptical of it. It raises more questions then it answers.

I can see the plane in a very few frames – albeit that plane is going in some speed. Those frames could have been manipulated.

How can a plane fly so low and crash into a building on the ground floor? How high is the Pentagon? 4 or 5 stores high above the ground? I don’t know how the terrain around the Pentagon looks like, but can one really fly a 747 so low without anyone taken notice?

Have a look at this satellite image from Google Map over Pentagon – it isn’t exactly empty terrain around it. How can anyone fly a plane just above ground, and with a levelled out plane, into the Ground floor at Pentagon?

A 747 (or whatever the model it was) is a massive object and take some manoeuvring to get it to fly at ground level. The crash is exactly at the building, not meters or so before. All the instruments in a plane are on a sea bearing level, right? This is seems a lot for some terrorist who took some flying lesson in a prop plane and the rest in simulators.

The plane flew in from the West, if I understand it correctly. I see motorway, trees and some buildings west/south of Pentagon. It is all very strange.

The one fact that I do not (and can not) dispute is that there are relatives missing their loved ones that was on that plane.


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