Monday, May 15, 2006

Good news

When I came into work this Monday morning, I received the good news that my boss is off sick today. *yay*

Reading the comments from Dustin & Twinkie cheered me up too – even though D is trying to wind me up...

I cannot wait until 23 May – that is the date when we will change ISP at home. The current connection is so slow that a Dial-up is a better option. A page can take 30-45 seconds to load … if it works. But until then we have changed the setting so that we upload and download torrents unlimited – might as well give more back when we can.

During the weekend, I was watching American Inventor and I cannot decide who I want to will. Well, it is not up to me … it is up the American people … or TV viewers, I should say. It is either the guy from Detroit with that “how to catch a football better” cos I like the guy but the better invention is from the Polish immigrant and his new “very safe – if it works” child cars seat.

And who is gonna win the next Apprentice? I don’t really think any of them is all that. I certainly don’t want Lee to get it.

I should really get back to work now, shouldn’t I?


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