Saturday, May 27, 2006


The trend in ads these days is to lie a full 100%. The companies take their weakness and in their ads they say that they are the exact opposite.

Like the sleazy, lying bastards at Carphone Warehose, sponsors of Big Brother, and their catch phrases are “you get star treatment at CW” and “you get independent advice from CW”

Well, the star treatment - thing is a complete lie. I know this from personal experience. Independent advice, yeah right – it all depends on how the commission structure is for their sales people.

I am more and more inclined to think the opposite to whatever companies say they are. Most ads bore me almost to death – how many times do we have to see the same diapers, shampoos, supermarket, mobile networks ads?

This bank holiday weekend we should, according to the ads, hurry up to buy a sofa, bathroom and garden furniture. Argos has got it dead wrong this bank holiday weekend, they are selling off BBQs and it is pissing down with rain … for the whole long weekend HA!

I got out of my way NOT to buy what the ads are telling me to buy.

What is your pet hate when it comes to ads??

Mine are Carphone Warehouse and I *tut* every single time I see it on Big Brother. On second place is that annoying T-Mobile ad with fabric coming out the peoples mouths and they make an odd sound.


Blogger Ad said...

I hate my mobile company. It's called 'Mobilink' and I'm on a prepaid package called 'Jazz'. Lol. It's just the worst service ever - very unlike what everyone's told in their 'advertising'. They cant handle their 'current' number of customers and they keep getting more.

I want to go to Poland because I have a few friends over their (native Polish) who I interacted with while they were in Pakistan! They're from a city called 'cebieu' (i dont quite remember the spelling).

I have a very special friend in Halmstad in Sweden, that i want to visit.

5/28/2006 12:56:00 am  

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