Tuesday, August 30, 2005

The Daily Show 10 Aug 05

The Daily Show

I like this show but watch it irregularly. It was actually my boyfriend that downloaded this show cos it had something about Wired magazine.

As usually, the show was funny and they were taking the piss out the Brits.

The more interesting bit was the interview with John Hockenberry and his piece in Wired Magazine. I had no idea that the US soldiers could blog so freely about their experience in Iraqi. I have had a look for an interesting blog and I found these so far:

365 and a wakeup

Major K

Middle of Nowhere and Two Feet From Hell.

Good Iraqi news stories are rarely in the news anymore. I am glad that I found these blogs to read.

The Smoking Room

The episode aired tonight gave me a proper laughing fit. Only the BBC and British humour can produce anything so funny. On paper, it should be boring but hey presto; it is very funny. The show is completely non-pc, doing a show about smokers in a smoking room in this day and ages is unheard of.

Today’s shows was about “stop smoking seminar” initiative from HR & HQ (apparently the profit was down last quarter and management thought that staff should spend less time on breaks).

Check it out but today’s show(30 Aug 05) has not yet been seeded.

Monday, August 29, 2005


Now THAT is a very good show. The initial inspiration must come from Desperate Housewives (and why not??) but it is funnier, darker and quicker in tempo. I loved the revenge the little “fat” girl gives her too controlling mother. I l o v e d it. On the downside it has one or two boring clichés, like the black (fun & cool) family is the supplier of the weeds to the white desperate housewife.

Bring it on – I am hooked already

Saturday, August 27, 2005

American Princess

Oh dear .... some of the the C-list TV personalities from the UK (Paul Burell, James Whitaker, Mark Durden-Smith) has completely lost their self-respect by participating this show. Hey - money can buy you most things, I guess. They are selling a concept to the Americans that only the Americans thinks exists.

The show is so bad that is seems that even on bittorrent only two shows has been seeded.

Episode 3 cannot be found and if it can, frankly I don’t want to see it.